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1908 5½ Digit Multimeter

The 1908 is a new programmable 5½ digit digital multimeter with dual measurement / dual display capabilities. It can be rack mounted and is either mains powered or can run all day on its internal rechargeable batteries.

As well as all the usual measurements, the 1908 also provides 4 wire resistance measurements, Vac+dc and Iac+dc, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements and a wide range of computing functions.

For automation, the 1908 comes as standard with USB while RS232, LAN/LXI and GPIB are available on the 1908P variant.

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TGP3100 Series True Pulse Generators

The TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques. They can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators whilst adding many additional facilities such as pulse modulations.

As well as operating as pulse generators, the instruments can act as high performance noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators - making them truly universal waveform generators.

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MX180T and MX180TP added to MX Series

The MX180T is a 378 Watt precision programmable laboratory power supply offering two full performance outputs and a third lower power output.

Power sharing means that, as well as being able to output 180W + 180W + 18W, by disabling output 2, output 1 can become a 360W output. Range switching extends the capabilities so that outputs can be set to 15V/20A or 120V/3A or a range of other combinations for maximum versatility.

The MX180TP has all the same features as the MX180T but adds remote control via USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces

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PSA Series 5 Scan Mode Option

The PSA series 5 is a high performance hand-held RF Spectrum Analyzers with extended high frequency capability out to 6GHz.

There are currently two models: the PSA3605 (3.6GHz) and PSA6005 (6GHz). Both models can benefit from the U02 firmware upgrade which now contains, among other features, a new High Resolution Scan Mode. This allows the analyzer to acquire up to 210,000 data points within which it is possible to pan and zoom.

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