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New high frequency arbitrary generators

The TGF3000 series goes from 1µHz to 160MHz and offers unrivalled value for money.
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LDH400P Electronic DC Load

Adding to the LD400 series, the LDH400 series offers ranges from 10 to 500V and from 0 to 16A, 400W.
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Aim-TTi shortform Catalog updated

The 2017 catalog has been updated with new products
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Time to upgrade your old pulse generator

The last few reasons to keep using an analogue pulse generator are now resolved by the latest digital pulse generators from Aim-TTi
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The new Aim-TTi shortform catalog is now out.

A new catalog detailing the 2017 range of test and measurement equipment from Aim-TTi is now available
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MX180T and MX180TP added to the MX Series

The MX180T is a 378 Watt precision programmable laboratory power supply offering two full performance outputs and a third lower power output.
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PSA Series 5 Scan Mode Option

The PSA Series 5 spectrum analyzers can benefit from the U02 firmware upgrade option which now contains, among other features, a new High Resolution Scan Mode.
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New 1908 Multimeter

The 1908 is a new programmable 5½ digit digital multimeter with dual measurement / dual display capabilities.
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New TGP3100 Series True Pulse Generators

The new TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques.
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