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Prices shown here are recommended list prices exclusive of any local taxes or delivery charges that may apply. The actual price may vary depending on the distributor from which it is purchased. To get a definite quotation of price for one or more items the Quotation system should be used - see below.

Before You Start

Please also note that this website is for the USA and the Americas only - prices are in US$ and you will only be able to enter countries in the Americas in the Quotation request form. If you are not in this region, please proceed to the EU / International site


This site does not offer direct on-line purchasing, however it can be used to create an Official Quotation that will be emailed to you. This is done using a very similar process to online shopping: you just add products you want to a quotation cart and then submit it as you would an online purchase.

Once the request is received by ourselves, an official quotation email will be generated that includes taxes, shipping costs, and any applicable discounts. Order lead time will also be quoted. This email may be sent directly by Aim-TTi or by one of our distributors, depending upon the country from which the request is made. We aim to send a response within one working day of the quotation request being made, but the final official quotation may take longer.