Advanced Test and Measurement
Instruments and Power Supplies

Arbitrary Generators

True variable-clock arbitrary waveform generators with one, two or four channels.

DDS arbitrary/function generators and universal generators combining variable clock and DDS architectures.

Remote control using variants of GPIB, RS-232 and LAN (LXI) interfaces.

Waveform generation and editing software.

Select by Product Series

AIM-TTi TGP3152 (TGP3100 Series) Pulse and Function Generator - front
Pulse and Universal Generator with 25 or 50MHz models, single or dual channel
Aim-TTi TGF3162 (TGF3000 Series) - front
Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with 80 and 160MHz models
Aim-TTi TG5011 Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator
High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator 25MHz or 50MHz, 1 or 2 Channels